Rightist members of Congress and others have long called for cutting social security or privatizing the public system that retirees need in the later years.

With the latest continuing resolution on government spending coming up for renewal early in the new year, Congress is again debating the budget, and social security will be part of the negotiations.

The average payout is only equal to $15,000, which comprises the vast majority of what most retirees live on.

According to a study by the Urban Institute, many people also end up drawing less in their retirement than they paid into it throughout their lives. That means social security would be solvent if it weren’t for administrations drawing on the fund for reasons other than ensuring Americans can live after they are done working.

Carmen Russell-Sluchansky spoke about the issues with Paul Buchheit, a college teacher in Chicago, founder and developer of social justice and educational websites such as UsAgainstGreed.org, PayUpNow.org, RappingHistory.org; and the editor and main author of “American Wars: Illusions and Realities.”

As put Buchheit put it: “Recent administrations – especially George Bush with his two wars and with tax cuts for the rich – dipped into the funds, taking the money that working Americans have put in for years and years, and now its missing.”